Community centred tourism is at the heart of Nyore Hillside Retreat, we take great pride in practising and promoting sustainability and cultural immersion. This is achieved through commitment and involvement with the local community projects, respecting traditional cultures, and exercising environmental awareness.

“Community based tourism aims to contribute to productivity by creating employment and consequently improving the livelihood and well-being of local people whilst being exposed to learning and being open-minded about other cultures.” Alleyn Kiwana, Founder, Nyore Hillside Retreat

Nyore Hillside Retreat employs, collaborates and nurtures an open dialogue with people in the local community, and keeps abreast with developments in Uganda’s evolving and growing tourism industry. We inform and update our community about what to expect from tourists coming into the area which promotes trust and respect.

Get involved!

We work very closely with local schools through a mentorship programme, and by donating classroom equipment and teaching facilities. If you or your business would like to know more about and/ about donating or volunteering with local schools in the area, please get in touch


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